Friday night I decided to pull myself away from my studies and get out. The air is finally drying up and cooling off so it was a beautiful night to be out. Conrad and I stopped by Starbucks to sit out and take cliche pictures of Starbucks cups but as soon as we got there we were met with the worst smell of sewer water we've ever encountered so we hauled ass downtown to see what was goin on. There were actually people filling the sidewalks due to some repeat of a festival going on at the pier. So we sat and people watched and clicked the camera randomly for some simple entertainment. I enjoy nights of aimless driving with the windows down, Underoath turned all the way up, and akward stammers from strangers overwhelmed with OCD.


I know some may want to kill me but the thing is I've started school last month and it's pretty much taking over my fun time! I don't want to end the blog though so I will do whatever I can to get out and take some photos this weekend. I thank all you for stickin around, you make it worth while!

Besides a constant flow of homework and studying, I have no exciting news, except I've sort of decided to try to grow my hair out...I'm talkin all the way out. If that possible, cause at this point it seems not. Anyways, I just wanted to post some really awesome photos I came across since I have none myself.

contributor magazine


photos by Conrad.
Zara tee and shorts. Frye 12R engineer boots. Random jewelry.

I know you all have probably been cussing out my blog because I haven't had much newness around in a while. Well it's too damn hot to go outside for one second let alone try to take photos. But I got my sorry ass out this weekend for a few minutes, and maybe I'll even stay out a little longer this weekend for some more. I really wish the weather would take it ease and stop drenching us with humidity. That's what I get for livin in Florida. School starts next Monday...excited to start occupying my brain with knowledge again, not so excited about the workload expected to come. Time to buckle down.


photos by Conrad.
All Saints boots and shirt. Zara shorts. Guess bandeau. Random jewelry.

Rag n bone. Seems to be the first phrase that comes to mind when I wear this new get up. No, of course not the brand, but you get the picture. While I was in NYC I came across a store in Soho I had yet to discover in past visits that I have completely fallen obsessed with. All Saints. Perfectly grunge I will say. I'm pretty sure as soon as I stepped inside the store I immediately shifted style preference to everything that draped across a hanger and sat on a shelf here. My eyes now only latch onto anything apocalyptic-like when browsing shops. My feet will be planted in these boots for all eternity as far as I can tell at this point. I think this also may have something to do with the awe inspiring end-of-the-world ensemble that Mila Kunis struts around in her recent movie The Book of Eli. Just saw it, you have to know what I'm talking about. No one should be able to look that cool at the end of the world.


I have partaken in my yearly ritual. New York City. God, there is just something infatuating about that smelly, dirty city. Maybe it's the hellish cabbies running eachother off the road, or the addictive aroma of honey roasted peanuts on the sidewalk. I dunno but it's fucking special. What I do know though is I bought way too much shit and I now officially have no place to put everything. Must find more closet space.


Zara shirt and shorts, Aldo boots, vintage turquoise ring, H&M cuff
photos by Conrad.

I can't stay out of Zara. I haven't been in a while and my curiosity finally got the best of me so I made a little visit. I told Conrad I wouldn't buy anything unless I found white shorts...I guess that includes a cut off tee with an amazing horse on it. Come on, anything with an awesome lookin horse on it does not stay in the store when I find it. Love it.

NYC in a month. Odors of urine and taxi fumes only get away with it in the city. Oh what love.


Photos by Conrad.
(Forever 21 shirt, Zara shorts, Aldo wedges, H&M bracelets, Betsey Johnson necklace)

The summer heat leaves me to only wanting to wear the least amount of clothing to be acceptable outside the house. I mean if I could I would wear swimwear everywhere I go. I'm pretty sure this new Aldo wedges are now my preferred pair of heels sittin in my closet. I can prance to the end of the Earth in these babies.

I have to tell you all, I have definite plans to be in NYC for a few days for the 4th of July. I can't be any more excited than I am now. This will be my 6th trip and the city is better each time I visit it!


Zara tops and shorts, Aldo wedges, random jewelry

Good lord, I'm finally back! With being in Kentucky for a week and cramming for chemistry finals, I just couldn't find the time to post. But I'm free of school until August and I can't wait to do whatever I feel like doing. Oh and I did just have my 21st birthday during my absence, now I just don't want to grow any older. Just stop here please. Moving on, I've now decided I want to grow my hair back out to what I had before, about chin length. Yes, I did just recently cut it all off, but that's just what I do, change my hair constantly, I have to stay entertained. The only problem is, I need to find a new hair stylist because I'm not very happy with my current one. I've been with her for 3 years and she was the one who cut all of my long hair off, but lately she's just been gettin it all wrong, mostly color. I hate searching for new hair stylists. Oh what fun. Anywho, I'm glad to be back and I got all the time in the world!


Yes, I have been M.I.A. for a little while but for good reasons. I just had all 4 wisdom teeth taken out and I wasn't one of the lucky ones that was all better the next day. Nope, I continued my drugs for several days with a side of motion sickness. Yuck. But I'm up and running now. Although I will be headin for the hills in about a week. I'll be spending some days with my family in Kentucky and riding my horse. Can't wait to get away and slip into the relaxed and peaceful flower-filled mountains.